The Ultimate Lacrosse Rebound Wall

About Laxworx

Laxworx is the result of a quest to build the ultimate lacrosse rebound wall. Most wall ball that has been played prior to the LAXWORX hardwall rebounder was either played on soft rebound walls or on brick/cement walls, such as the side of a building. Each had its advantages and disadvantages.

The side of a building offered a very fast and very efficient rebound, but the vertical surface meant that the player had to throw the ball unnaturally high for a catchable rebound, making the wall ball session awkward and not a very good mimic of real lacrosse play. Players also had to go find a building or cement wall to play on, which was not always easy or convenient.

The soft wall rebounders that flooded the market, featured a playing surface that was on an angle, this meant that the player did not have to throw the ball awkwardly high at the playing surface and it offered much more natural throwing of the ball for the player. These soft walls were also easy to purchase and to keep in a person’s back yard, which was convenient. But these soft rebounders lost much of the energy of the thrown ball and were very slow and short on the rebounded ball. Soft walls were not a very good mimic of real lacrosse play either.

Laxworx took the best features from both and combined them, and did away with the bad features from both. We ended up with a patent pending hardwall that is extremely fast and energy efficient. The angle of the playing surface allows for a very natural throw and very natural rebound, with the ability to play very short distance to very long distance from the rebound wall.  The laxworx hardwall rebounder can also be purchased and conveniently used in your backyard. And just to put the product completely over the top we introduced the arc/curved playing surface making the playing surface much kinder on the rebound no matter where you throw at it.

All of these game changing ideas inherent in the product didn’t happen on one stroke of genius, it has been Laxworx’s mission and persistence of constant improvements to the design, materials, production methods and the constant tweaks over years, that has spawned what is to be a game changer in lacrosse.

Each LAXWORX hardwall in its design, construction and finish, is a work of art. Handcrafted using high end composite materials and production methods. The end product is a handsome, durable, sturdy yacht like quality and finish that will stand up to the harsh outdoor elements for years to come. We are proud to introduce this product to the lacrosse world and look forward to introducing many more products in the future.

Reviews & Testimonials

Ally Kennedy

Kylie Ohlmiller & KO17

Greg Gurenlian & FOA Beast Lab

Greg Kenneally & ECD Lacrosse


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