The Ultimate Lacrosse Rebound Wall

We at LAXWORX would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you and to the lacrosse world, a product that has created a whole new category in the lacrosse rebounder market… the LAXWORX HARD WALL rebounder. Playing wall ball is one of the best activities a player can do to develop, improve and maintain a player’s stick skills and the LAXWORX HARD WALL rebounder has just changed the game. The new PATENT PENDING technology of the LAXWORX HARD WALL makes it unlike any other soft wall rebounder on the market today. The extremly high density playing surface, makes for an incredibly fast, energy efficient rebound, making it an attractive option for even advanced players who have outgrown the performance offered from traditional soft walls. The performance of the HARD WALL rebounder is vastly superior to all the softwall rebounders on the market and the performance will not fade. Add the curved playing surface and performance of this rebounder is light years beyond the traditional softwall rebounders.