The Ultimate Lacrosse Rebound Wall

Warranty and Return Policy


All parts and components of the Laxworx hardwall rebounder will be covered under warranty for one year. Under normal use and normal conditions, any part or component that fails structurally or compromises the intended use of the product will be replaced by Laxworx. Any components that are damaged during shipping will be replaced. If any damage has occurred during the shipping process, contact Laxworx immediately to rectify. You will have two weeks from the date of delivery to inspect the product and to make a claim on damage suffered during shipping.

Return Policy

All parts and components of the hardwall rebounder are structurally guaranteed under normal use. All Sales through Laxworx are final.  Any parts or components damaged upon shipping or due to lack of workmanship will be replaced by Laxworx. If you need to replace any parts or components that are damaged, or that have failed under normal use, please email to arrange for an exchange.

Reviews & Testimonials

Ally Kennedy

Kylie Ohlmiller & KO17

Greg Gurenlian & FOA Beast Lab

Greg Kenneally & ECD Lacrosse


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