The Ultimate Lacrosse Rebound Wall

Best Value

Tired of replacing your lacrosse rebounder? So were we…

The LAXWORX HARD WALL deviates from the construction of typical lacrosse rebounders as you know them. This wall is a solid, robust, serious piece of training equipment.This rebounder features a highly attractive design utilizing the highest quality finishes and hardware that will withstand the harsh outdoor environment for many years to come. The body of the wall is a UV protected, high gloss gelcoat finish, with a high density composite core. The structural frame is also made of high quality fiberglass composite materials. It is the same materials and finish you would find on a high quality yacht. All the hardware is stainless steel and anodized aluminum. This rebounder was purposely designed and built to live outdoors and endure harsh weather elements without degradation of structural integrity, appearance or performance. The wall also has built in wheels and a large handle and can be moved around easily like a hand truck or wheelbarrow.

Have you ever heard the expression “You get what you pay for”?

This has never been more true than with regards to lacrosse rebounders. This rebounder is not a bunch of tubes, springs and fabric slapped together that struggles to get the ball back to the player from the first day and goes down hill from there until you have to replace it, yet again. This rebounder is vastly superior right out of the box, in performance, quality, durability, and design and will last a lifetime with no decline. Laxworx manufactures right here in the US. We sell and ship directly to our customers doorsteps, with no distributors or middlemen driving up the cost. We operate on a very modest profit and deliver to you a product that very well may be the highest ( cost to produce/ cost to purchase ) ratio of any product you have ever purchased.

Reviews & Testimonials

Ally Kennedy

Kylie Ohlmiller & KO17

Greg Gurenlian & FOA Beast Lab

Greg Kenneally & ECD Lacrosse


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